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Adenylyl cyclase (EC, adenyl cyclase and adenylate cyclase, abbreviated AC) is an enzyme with key regulatory roles in essentially all cells. AC converts adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into 3′,5′-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which acts as an important second messenger in various signaling cascades. The cAMP produced by AC then serves as a regulatory signal via specific cAMP-binding proteins, either transcription factors, enzymes (e.g., cAMP-dependent kinases), or ion transporters.
There are ten known isoforms of adenylyl cyclases in mammals: ADCY1-10, also sometimes called simply AC1, AC2, etc.

In neurons, calcium-sensitive adenylyl cyclases are located next to calcium ion channels for faster reaction to Ca2+ influx; they are suspected of playing an important role in learning processes. This is supported by the fact that adenylyl cyclases are coincidence detectors, meaning that they are activated only by several different signals occurring together. In peripheral cells and tissues adenylyl cyclases appear to form molecular complexes with specific receptors and other signaling proteins in an isoform-specific manner.
Adenylyl cyclase has been implicated in memory formation, functioning as a coincidence detector.

Cat. No. Product Name Information


sAC inhibitor

TDI-11861 a potent, selective second-generation soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC, ADCY10) inhibitor with cellular IC50 of 5.5 nM.


AC1 inhibitor

AC1-IN-38 is a potent, selective inhibitor of adenylyl cyclase type 1 (AC1) with IC50 of 0.54 uM.

NB 001

AC1 inhibitor

NB 001 (NB001) is a potent, relatively selective and orally active adenylyl cyclase 1 (AC1) inhibitor with IC50 of 10 uM (cAMP production inhibition).


ST-034307 (ST 034307, ST034307) is a potent, selective adenylyl cyclase 1 (AC1) with IC50 of 2.3 uM.


Adenylyl Cyclase inhibitor

SQ-22536 is a potent, non-competitive Adenylyl Cyclase inhibitor with IC50 of 1.4 uM.

AC5 inhibitor C90

AC5 inhibitor C90 is a novel potent, selective adenylyl cyclase type 5 (AC5) inhibitor with IC50 of 30 nM, >5-fold selectivity over AC2 and AC6 subtypes.


CB-6673567 is a potent, selective Adenylyl Cyclase 1 (AC1) inhibitor with IC50 of 77 uM, displays a 2- to 4-fold isoform selectivity over AC6.


CB-7921220 is a potent, selective Adenylyl Cyclase 1 (AC1) inhibitor..

NKH 477 hydrochloride

NKH 477 hydrochloride (Colforsin dapropate) is a water-soluble analog of Forskolin and a potent activator of adenylyl cyclase, shows some selectivity for cardiac (type V) adenylyl cyclase.


A potent, specific soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) inhibitor that inhibits Mn2+-dependent sAC with IC50 of 2.7 uM.


A novel potent, specific and allosteric soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) inhibitor with IC50 of 3.3 uM in RF-MSS assays.


A potent, selective adenylyl cyclase AC5/6 inhibitor with IC50 of 7.7/17 uM, respectively.

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