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UAMC-2526 (UAMC2526) is a low micromolar ATG4B and autophagy inhibitor.

NSC 377071

NSC 377071 (NSC-377071, NSC377071, Cambendazole) is a novel ATG4B antagonist that inhibits autophagy, with no effect on mTOR and PI3K activities.

NSC 185058

NSC 185058 (NSC185058, NSC-185058, 2-Pyridinecarbothioamide) is a novel ATG4B antagonist that inhibits autophagy with IC50 of 50 uM, with no effect on mTOR and PI3K activities.


FMK-9a (FMK9a) is a potent, selective, covalent peptidomimetic inhibitor of ATG4B (Autophagin-1) with IC50 of 80 nM in TR-FRET assay.

ATG12-ATG3 inhibitor 189

ATG12-ATG3 inhibitor 189 (Compound 189) is a selective inhibitor of autophagy targeting ATG12-ATG3 protein-protein interaction with IC50 of 9.3 uM.


DC-ATG4in is a small molecule autophagy related 4B (ATG4B) inhibitor, directly binds to ATG4B and inhibits its enzyme activity with IC50 of 3.08 uM, DC-ATG4in is an autophagy inhibitor.

Atg4B inhibitor 21f

Atg4B inhibitor 21f is a potent competitive inhibitor for Atg4B with Ki of 3.1 uM.

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