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SRF-231 is fully human mAb for CD47, binds with high affinity to CD47, stimulates phagocytosis and the killing of cancer cells in vitro and has potent anti-tumor activity preclinically, both as monotherapy and in combination settings.disrupts the CD47/SIRPα interaction without causing hemagglutination or RBC phagocytosis. SRF231 exerts antitumor activity in vitro through both phagocytosis and cell death in a manner dependent on the activating Fc-gamma receptor (FcγR), CD32a. In tumor-bearing mic


Delpacibart is a humanized, bispecific, bivalent monoclonal antibody against F9 (coagulation factor
9, coagulation factor IX). Isotype: IgG4-kappa. Anti-[F9 (coagulation factor 9, coagulation factor IX) activated form and F10 (coagulation factor 10, coagulation factor X)], human monoclonal antibody, bispecific, bivalent.


Delpacibart is a humanized mnonoclonal antibody against TFRC transferrin receptor (TfR1). Isotype: IgG1-kappa. Anti-[human TFRC (transferrin receptor, TfR1)], humanized monoclonal antibody.


Dargistotug is a humanized mnonoclonal antibody against TIGIT (VSIG9). Isotype: IgG1-kappa. Anti-[human TIGIT (T-cell immunoreceptor with Ig domain and ITIM, V-set Ig member 9, VSIG9, V-set and transmembrane member 3, VSTM3)], human monoclonal antibody.


IgG1-kappa_scFv, anti-[human CTLA4 (cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4, cytotoxic Tlymphocyte-associated protein 4, CTLA-4, CD152)], each heavy chain being fused to a scFv anti-human PDCD1 (programmed cell death 1, PD1, PD-1, CD279)], human and humanized monoclonal antibody, tetravalent, bispecific.


Danburstotug (IMC 001, STI A1015, STI 3031) is a fully human monoclonal antibody against CD274 (PD-L1). Isotype: IgG1-lambda. Anti-[human CD274 (programmed cell death 1 ligand 1, PDL1, PDL1, B7 homologue 1, B7H1)], human monoclonal antibody.


Dalnicastobart is a humanized mnonoclonal antibody against CD40 (TNFRSF5). Isotype: IgG1-kappa, Anti-[human CD40 (tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 5, TNFRSF5, p50)], human monoclonal antibody.

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