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Drp1 inhibitor

DRP1i27 is a novel inhibitor of human Drp1 (mitochondrial dynamin-related protein 1), directly binds to and inhibits GTPase activity of human Drp1.

DRP1 inhibitor 4

Drp1 inhibitor

DRP1 inhibitor 4 is a selective, small molecule inhibitor of the mammalian mitochondrial division dynamin, DRP1 with IC50 of 1.0 uM, shows no activity against OPA1 and DYN1 (IC50>100 uM)..


Dynamin modulator

Bis-T-23 is a small molecule that stimulates actin-dependent dynamin oligomerization and promotes dynamin GTPase activity, increases actin polymerization in injured podocytes.

Dynole 34-2

Dynamin GTPase inhibitor

Dynole 34-2 is a potent dynamin GTPase inhibitor with IC50 of 6.9 and 14.2 uM for full-length dynI and dynII GTPase activity, respectively.

Pyrimidyn 7

Dynamin inhibitor

Pyrimidyn 7 is a potent, dual-action dynamin GTPase activity inhibitor with IC50 of 1.1 uM/1.8 uM for dynamin I/dynamin II respectively, competitively inhibits both GTP and phospholipid interactions with dynamin.


Drp1 inhibitor

Mdivi-1 (Mitochondrial division inhibitor 1) is a selective dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) inhibitor and mitochondrial division/mitophagy inhibitor.

Drp1 inhibitor SC9

Drp1 inhibitor

Drp1 inhibitor SC9 (Drp1 SWAG ligand SC9) is a small molecule binder of dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) allosteric site switch I-adjacent groove (SWAG), inhibits GTPase activity of Drp1 (IC50=270 nM) and inhibits Drp1-Fis1 interaction in cells.


Dynamin inhibitor

Dyngo-4a (Hydroxy Dynasore) is a potent Dynasore analog and dynamin inhibitor with IC50 of 0.38 and 2.6 uM for dynamin I and dynamin II, respectively, inhibits endocytosis.


Dynamin inhibitor

Dynasore is a specific, cell-permeable inhibitor of dynamin GTPase function, acts as a potent inhibitor of endocytic pathways known to depend on dynamin by rapidly blocking coated vesicle formation.

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