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Dynein inhibitor

Dynarrestin is a novel inhibitor of cytoplasmic Dyneins 1 and 2, acts reversibly to inhibit cytoplasmic dynein 1-dependent microtubule binding and motility in vitro without affecting ATP hydrolysis.

Ciliobrevin D

Ciliobrevin D is a cell-permeable, reversible, specific inhibitor of cytoplasmic dynein, blocks dynein-dependent microtubule gliding and ATPase activity while sparing kinesin dependent cellular trafficking.


Dynein2-IN-37 (Ciliobrevin analog 37) is a potent, selective cytoplasmic dynein 2 ATPase activity antagonist with IC50 of 11 uM, shows weak inhibition for dynein 2 (IC50=280 uM).

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