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FOXO1 inhibitor

FOXO1-IN-10 (FOXO1 inhibitor 10) is a highly selective small molecule inhibitor of transcription factor FOXO1 with IC50 of 0.21 and 0.03 uM for hFOXO1 and mFOXO1, respectively.


Foxo1 inhibitor

FOXO1-IN-8 (FOXO1 inhibitor 8) is a small molecule, selective FOXO1 inhibitor that inhibits FOXO-dependent glucose production devoid of lipogenic activity in hepatocytes.


Foxo1 inhibitor

AS-1842856 is a novel transcription factor Foxo1 inhibitor that potently and selectively inhibits Foxo1-mediated transactivation with IC50 of 33 nM, with no significant activity on Foxo3a and Foxo4.


FOXO1 activator

LOM612 is a potent FOXO relocator and activator, potently activates nuclear translocation of FOXO with EC50 of 1.5 uM in cell-based FOXO reporter assays.

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