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ARTS mimetic A4

ARTS mimetic A4 is a small molecule that mimics the function of the pro-apoptotic ARTS (Sept4_i2) protein, binds the ARTS pocket in XIAP-BIR3, but not cIAP1, specifically promotes degradation of XIAP and induces caspase-mediated cell death.


Tolinapant (ASTX660) is a novel potent IAP antagonist that targets the BIR3 domain of cIAP1/2 and XIAP with IC50 of 12 nM and <40 nM.


Embelin (Embelic acid, Emberine, NSC-91874) is a cell-permeable benzoquinone compound that exhibits antitumor properties.

RMT 5265

RMT 5265 (RMT5265) is a potent, small molecule bivalent mimic of Smac, inhibits XIAP and cIAP1/2 through the BIR3 domain.

SW IV-134

SW IV-134 is a sigma-2/SMAC drug conjugate, chemically linked the sigma-2 ligand SW43 to the Smac mimetic SW IV-52.

SW IV-52

SW IV-52 is a pro-apoptotic small molecule SMAC mimetic and XIAP-inhibitor.


MX107 is a novel potent survivin inhibitor, effectively suppresses MDA-MB-231 cells proliferation with IC50 of 3.1 uM.

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