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PINK1 activator

MTK458 (MTK-458) is a potent, selective and brain penetrant PINK1 activator, MTK-458 promotes the first step in mitophagy.

P62-mediated mitophagy inducer

Mitophagy inducer

P62-mediated mitophagy inducer (PMI) is a small molecule P62-mediated mitophagy inducer that activates mitophagy without recruiting Parkin or collapsing membrane potential and retains activity in cells devoid of a fully functional PINK1/Parkin pathway.

Urolithin A

Mitophagy inducer

Urolithin A is a first-in-class natural compound that induces mitophagy both in vitro and in vivo following oral consumption.

Mtphagy Dye

Mtphagy Dye is a small-molecule fluorescent probe for visualizing mitophagy.

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