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868844-53-5 Rytvela (Peptide 101.10) is a potent, selective, allosteric negative modulator (antagonist) of IL-1 receptor I (IL-1RI), inhibits dose-dependently IL-1-induced PGE2 formation (IC50= 0.5 nM) and IL-1-induced human thymocyte (TF-1 cell) proliferation (IC50=2 nM).


A-552 (A552) is a potent, small molecule antagonist of human IL-36γ, exhibits Ki of 31/54 nM in the human IL-36γ evoked CXCL1 release in human/mouse cellular assays.

IL4 inhibitor 52

1332184-63-0 IL4 inhibitor 52 is the first IL-4 small-molecule inhibitor with potency for the cytokine and disrupts type II IL-4 signaling in cells.


1239600-18-0 LMT-28 (LMT28) is a specific blocker of IL-6 signaling via inhibits IL-6Rβ (gp130) with IC50 of 5.9 uM (IL-6–induced luciferase activity), selectively inhibits IL-6–induced phosphorylation of STAT3, JAK2, and gp130.

SP 4206

515846-21-6 SP 4206 is a high-affinity (Kd=70 nM) small molecule that blocks blocks the binding of the IL-2α receptor (IL-2Rα) to IL-2.

Suplatast tosilate

94055-76-2 A Th2 cytokine inhibitor that attenuates IL-2, IL-5 and IL-13 production and has no effect on IFN-γ production.


163769-88-8 A potent IL-5 receptor antagonist that inhibits the binding of IL-5 to its receptor on peripheral human eosinophils and butyric acid-treated eosinophilic HL-60 clone 15 cells with IC50 of 1.0 and 0.57 uM, respectively.

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