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1629989-75-8 3JC48-3 is a potent, cellularly active and stable c-Myc inhibitor, inhibits c-Myc-max dimerization with IC50 of 34 uM, 5 times more potent than 10074-G5, exhibits an approximate twofold selectivity for c-Myc-Max heterodimers over Max-Max homodimers.


681282-09-7 MYCMI-6 (NSC354961) is a selective, high affinity inhibitor of MYC-MAX interaction, blocks MYC-driven transcription and binds selectively to the MYC bHLHZip domain with Kd of 1.6 uM in SPR assay.


1197996-80-7 CBL0137 (Curaxin CBL0137) is a histone chaperone FACT (facilitates chromatin transcription) and MYC signal inhibitor that markedly reduced tumor initiation and progression in vivo.


2089-82-9 sAJM-589 is a novel, potent small molecule Myc inhibitor that disrupts the Myc-Max leucine-zipper heterodimer with IC50 of 1.8 uM.

c-Myc inhibitor DJ34

402511-95-9 DJ34 is a novel compound that induces dual c-Myc depletion and p53 activation in a wide range of tumor cell types, DJ34 is a DNA intercalator and topoisomerase II inhibitor, interferes with c-Myc synthesis.


13571-44-3 VPC-70063 (VPC70063) is a small molecule Myc inhibitor that inhibits Myc-Max transcriptional activity with IC50 of 8.9 uM in c-Myc luciferase reporter assay in LNCaP cells, disrupts the interaction of Myc-Max with DNA.


307326-46-1 MYRA-B (NSC45641) is a small molecule that induces Myc-dependent apoptosis without affecting Myc transactivation or Myc/Max DNA binding.

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