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2313524-77-3 JBJ-01-162-04 is a small molecule targeting the flavivirus E protein with broad-spectrum activity, shows activity against DENV in the infectivity assay with IC90 of 0.1 uM.


1809249-37-3 GS-5734 (Remdesivir) is a monophosphoramidate prodrug of adenosine analogue that exhibits antiviral activity against multiple variants of EBOV (EC50=70-140 nM) and other filoviruses (EC50=0.019-1.48 uM) in cell-based assays.


1044589-82-3 NITD008 is a selective, adenosine-based flavivirus inhibitor, inhibits dengue virus (DENV, EC50= 0.64 μM), HCV and cellular entry of ZIKV, also has potent antiviral activity against EV71 with EC50 of 0.67 uM in cell culture.

Filovirus inhibitor compd-A

667432-48-6 Filovirus inhibitor compd-A is a small molecule filovirus entry inhibitor targeting the endosomal receptor NPC1 binding site, shows potent inhibitory activity against both Ebola and Marburg viruses with IC50 of 0.86 uM against pseudotyped Marburg virus entry.


957513-35-8 ASN03576800 is a potent, small molecule inhibitor of matrix protein vp40 of ebola virus (EBOV), occupied the RNA binding region of VP40 with a Glide score of -7.66 and the Glide energy is -31.88 Kcal/mol.


2135640-93-4 JNJ-A07 is a highly potent, highly specific dengue virus (DENV) inhibitor targeting the NS3-NS4B interaction.

ZIKV inhibitor K22

2141978-86-9 ZIKV inhibitor K22 is a small molecule that exerts a potent antiviral activity against a broad range of coronaviruses by targeting membrane-bound viral RNA replication, effectively inhibits ZIKV with IC50 of 2.1 uM (48 h p.i).

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